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Evil is a choice.
We had a choice, on the Rift. We could have summoned a Star Dragon or the Loose Cannon, but instead, like so many souls before us, we chose to summon… Him.
Once you touch the Darkness, you never escape from it. In all His wickedness, cruelty and innocence, the true face of Evil is revealed. You, who have not yet sided with Him, may count yourself amongst the innocent, but, after all is said and done: Innocence is the greatest sin of all.

Innocence is a choice.

Join him.

Demon Teemo hides and shrouds himself in demonic smoke. Better not become his prey, for when he leaps, Teemo never misses.

Demon Teemo throws his dark crystal and blinds his target with the most fearsome nightmares. Legends has it that when their eyes open again, a symbol is printed on their Retina, reminding them not to cross Demon Teemo's way ever again.

Demon Teemo deploys his fiery wings and takes flight! When such a sight is seen by a mere mortal, it is recommended to leave the area as soon as possible, for your Death is near.

Once Demon Teemo levels up his E, his attacks burn their target for a short duration. Water will not help, for this fire isn't ordinary fire, but Hell Fire.

Demon Teemo gathers wandering souls every few seconds and uses them to plant his abominations. Once an enemy steps on them, they explode in a torrent of pain.

Summoner Icons

Pick one of Demon Teemo's powerful symbols as your new favorite Summoner Icon:

His fiery scepter, His dreadful gauntlet or His scaresome Sigil.

Each of them has a chance to stun your enemies in fear when loading in the game. And you know how much of an advantage that is!

Show your allegiance to the Lord right now, for as low as 66 RP each, or 166 RP for all of them. Teemo has never been that generous. At least not with us.

PS: These icons do not actually stun enemies.

Initial Pact Border

Show off your Evil side on the Loading Screen!

If you buy Demon Teemo within the first week of His release, your Loading Splash art will always display a magnificent demonic border.

Only those worthy of the Lord shall wear his pride (and prejudice). The others will remain mere servants, wandering the fiery plains of Hell.

PS: This does not improve your skill.

In-Game Music

Listen to the main Theme created by Vincent whenever you start a game.

The music will play for everyone: both allies and enemies. You can switch it off by clicking on the note icon in the Tab menu, next to Demon Teemo. But in all seriousness, who would ever deactivate it?

PS: It can tilt players out of existence.

Vlad handled the 2D side of the project; namely, the concepts for Teemo and his upgraded demonic blowpipe, and the splash art.

Bringing out the demon in League's iconic little devil wasn't as easy as it would seem. The team went through a considerable number of iterations before settling on the classic red horned devil theme, while also making sure that he's still easily recognizable as Teemo.

For the splash art, Vlad chose to capture a dramatic moment; the demonic yordle towers over the viewer, preparing to absorb their vision into his cursed crystal.

Towards the end of the project, Vlad also worked on some extra fun bits, such as the summoner and ability icons, the Initial Pact loading screen border, and the website art.

Illustrations Gallery

Vlad BĂcescu

Antoine made the 3D models and textures for Teemo, as well as the spiky rocks you see during a few animations.

He first sculpted the high poly models according to Vlad's concepts, then baked the details on the low poly models before handpainting them.

He found in this team project to be a great opportunity to hone his skills on a theme he loves.

On a side note, Antoine is a Lee Sin addict.

Model Gallery

Antoine Dupuis (GravityBWLast)

The animators were interested in the project, but life got in the way.

It started off with one animator and ended up with three animators. Alex, Rigger, made the character rig along with additional animations, leaving Cyprien and Derek to animate the rest.

We were definitely focusing the poses for clarity, making sure the key poses were clear and readable, since in a team fight, things can get hectic, and players should know what attack spells Teemo is using or doing like the recall animation.


Rigging Gallery

Alexandre Edde

Derek Ho

Cyprien Douterlungne

Kevin, aka Sirhaian, worked on the VFXs.

He made the abilities for Teemo, based on other demonic-themed skins in League, like Demon Vi or Infernal Nasus, adapted to Teemo and his own style. The process of making a VFX was fast at first, but a lot of iterations were made, mostly thanks to the feedback from Riot itself and the community.

The quality bar has been raised a lot too, and Kevin had to adapt. Most effects use hand-painted textures, and the colors are focused on fiery, warm tones, while the Q uses a distinct, purple-ish color, to make sure the player knows why they can't auto-attack anymore.

Finding the right shapes, colors and values was a real challenge. Everyone knows what a demonic spell should look like, but actually creating a set of them was a lot harder than one might believe.

Oh, and he animated the Login Screen in After Effects. And he's an Annie main.

Login Screen

VFX Gallery

Textures Gallery

Kevin Leroy (Sirhaian)

From a sound design perspective, Teemo has always felt quite bland in ways. That's why we wanted to fully embrace his darker side with this project.

With Quinn working on the sound he went as far as to add spooky vocals within the sounds to make them sound more authentic to the harrowing. Sound goes hand in hand with animation, so all of team's sounds were split into many seperate pieces in order for timing to be perfect.

From the passive fire to the travel sound for the Q, it all wraps together efficiently.


Quinn Boyce-Bacon

Teemo was an interesting challenge as a voice acting perspective.

Although Teemo is small and meant to be somewhat cute, he is also not a child. Making him still sound male without making him sound like a little kid was certainly a challenge, but Kayli found that adding a bit more texture and aggression into the voice really did a lot of the character, especially considering the premise of the skin specifically.

Kayli worked closely with Quinn as well, bouncing ideas for the voice filters back and forth for weeks to find the perfect balance.

All the Voice Lines

Check out the entire planned list for Demon Teemo's lines (Google Docs)

Kayli Mills (Kiyo)

Vincent composed the music for the splash art. His goal with the arrangement was to create a creepy hellish theme, but also staying true to the mischievous image Teemo is so well known for.

His first drafts tried to focus on blending cute instrumentation with scary soundscapes, but in the end he decided to go for a theme that takes a slightly more somber approach in general instrumentation, and added a fiery climax meant to take the listener off guard and straight to the monstrous depths of hell...

Pretty much the sonic representation of his Shrooms.

The main theme, created by Vincent Suddaby, aka Krale.

He then derived it into the Spawn music.

Vincent Suddaby (Krale)

What about Little Devil Teemo made by Riot ?

Despite the fact that we have been contacted by Riot about our project, none of us are (for now) affiliated with Riot Games in any way. We're simple players who enjoy the game and universe of League of Legends, and share a same hate/passion towards Teemo. We did NOT work with Riot, but got some valuable feedback from them. The release of Little Devil Teemo was a pure (and happy) coincidence.

How ?

We all used different programs to, for example, create Teemo's model or draw the Splash Art, but everything was then gathered in Unity, a free game engine. Sirhaian then coded a small program inside of it to allow us to move the characters and use basic abilities. So no, none of this was made/recorded in League of Legends, but in Unity.

Why ?

We did this because we thought it'd be fun, and we were totally right about this. It's been a very interesting adventure. We learned a lot, and had a lot of fun working together.

Custom Skin ?

No. This will never become a custom skin. First of all because Sirhaian has received a note from Riot, asking not to promote the implementation of custom skins, and secondly because it would require a lot more work to implement it in the game, especially when it comes to custom particles and animations.

What next ?

We'll keep making more! We haven't decided what our next project will be yet, but we have some ideas. Feel free to share all your suggestions using our socials, we'll read and reply to all of you.

We wanted to personally thank everyone who contributed to this project, either by their awesome feedback, or their unending support. Thank you everyone! You're the ones who made all this possible!

See you on the Rift!
And GL HF!

Special thanks to:

Riot Phoenix
Tyler Anthony
Michael Chu (and the whole Riot Team)
Jeremy Gaming Curios
and of course, the League community.


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